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Annual trophy fishing trip to New york produces some great Browns, Steelhead, and Salmon. Most fish were taken on a fly. All fish were released to provide other anglers the chance to experience this great feeling!

Any tips for lure fishing for trout in cold water?

Question by : Any tips for lure fishing for trout in cold water?
I’m trying to pull out some brownies. It’s November so the water’s pretty cold in New York. I’ve been using some curly tails and I’ve gotten some weak strikes, though I haven’t set a hook. Anybody still catching brown trout? What are you using? I’m fishing a pretty small creek with a moderate flow.

Best answer:

Answer by redheat
If you see any bugs I would try fly fishing that is what I notice fish going after

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FISHING for spring run steelhead from a lake erie tributary.got a few good ones. background music by dan-o songs www.danosongs.com music piece – three drops

How to use and set up a Bait caster

Erik Luzak from GetReeled gives us some tips and tricks to properly set up and use a bait caster.
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10min featurette from the Bonefishing Film “Itu’s Bones” Produced by On the Fly Productions www.ontheflyproductions.com See the complete DVD http Don’t forget to subscribe for more great fly fishing content!
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Question by supergamer15: How can you get the bad fish smell out of your house?
I just cooked fish in my apartment and it smells kinda bad.
I’ve tried things like scented candles and other things but it doesn’t work.
I will have visitors soon any tips?

Best answer:

Answer by Chrystal
Open your window and light as many candles as possible. Throw the garbage away and if you Oust spray it around the house. You’ll need some time to air out the house.. If you have an oscillating fans, place them around your kitchen to help the airflow.

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A question for GLBTs living in REALLY conservative parts of the country and/or conservative cities and towns?

Question by ace.tygra: A question for GLBTs living in REALLY conservative parts of the country and/or conservative cities and towns?
Do you enjoy your life there or do you feel as if you live in fear and wish you could live somewhere else. For example I myself live in a fairly open minded city in a VERY conservative state. (Dallas.) In the city I enjoy my life as an openly gay man. The Dallas area suburbs however are another story.

Your stories?

Best answer:

Answer by mayumi
I was raised in a very liberal part of the country but recently moved to a very conservative part for college, and yeah i really wish that i was back home. i do feel scared here about being open about my sexuality.

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fishing in Staten Island New York?

Question by Mike P: fishing in Staten Island New York?
if anyone out there does any kind of fishing in Staten Island and would like to know when would be the best time to go out and great kills Harbour to finish stripers and blue fish thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Artie
Mike are you asking for help? or are you bragging that you know where and we should come to you to find out? Let me ask you a question…. Have you read any books about fishing there on and around Staten Island? are you aware of when one fish season begins and another ends? Do you have the right kind of fishing equipment you’ll need to catch and land some big kings or blues? I think the stripers season around the Island started around two weekends ago. You might want to go fishing this weekend.

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Salmon Doc part 3

The final chapter

do you have any good websites for french food history? for a french project. :-/?

Question by [[♥]]: do you have any good websites for french food history? for a french project. :-/?
or any info? i just have to write a 2-3 page paper on french cuisine, and make a cookbook.

i have the cookbook mostly covered, but i dont really have much history on french food.

also if you have any recipes for french entrees. :-/

and no. french toast does NOT count

Best answer:

Answer by caroline w

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Q&A: Where do New York Japanese restaurants get their catch for sushi from?

Question by Blobfish: Where do New York Japanese restaurants get their catch for sushi from?

Best answer:

Answer by you’re actually very kind
New York? At the Fulton fish market but sometimes most of them bought the fish straight off the boat because freshness is the main aspect in making sushi. However, there are some sushi restaurant especially five star hotels that make special order if the fish can only be found in other part of the world but the fish has to be fished and delivered on the same day usually by means of air transport such as plane.The good sushi restaurant knows how to make a connection to get the fresh quality fish but fish market is the main source because fresh fish are brought in everyday. In Japan, there’s a rumor about an underground fish market that sell fish that are hard or rare to get but who knows if its true or not. It goes to show how serious is the art of making sushi.

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do you need a trout stamp on your license to fish in new york state?

Question by MiTi62: do you need a trout stamp on your license to fish in new york state?
i got a one day non resident license to fish on the east branch of the deleware riverin july and want to know if i need a stamp to fish for trout or if i’m good.

Best answer:

Answer by Erik
Yep, you will need a trout permit if your targeting them.

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Shot with a tiny digital stills camera, fun, fun, fun

Salmon River, Pulaski, NY 2012 Part 2 09/13/2012

Recorded on September 13, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.
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Question by hockeygurl4871: Suggestions for my moms birthday dinner?
Tomorrow is my moms birthday and I want to cook something tasty for her!
Does anybody have any good recipes or suggestions for what I can make for her? Thanks so much! :]

Best answer:

Answer by Alyssa

Fluffy “Cooked” Eggnog Beverage

Arab/Syrian Bread, Khoubz Araby Baking-Bread (Reduced-Healthy*)
Baking Powder Scones Baking-Bread
Blueberry Muffins Baking-Breakfast
Bran Raisin Muffins Baking-Breakfast
Buttermilk Biscuits Baking-Bread
Cheddar Cheese and Garlic Biscuits Baking-Bread
Sticky Cinnamon Rolls Baking-Breakfast
French Bread Baking-Bread (Reduced-Healthy*)
Green Chili Corn Bread Baking-Bread
Italian Bread with Sesame Seeds (Scali) Baking-Bread (Reduced-Healthy*)
New York Style Jewish Rye w/ Pictures! Baking-Bread
Pizza, European Style Baking-Appetizer
Shortcake Biscuits Baking-Bread
Rosemary Bread! Baking-Bread

Almond Bundt Cake Baking/Dessert
Almond Crescent Cookies Baking-Dessert
Carrot Cake Baking-Dessert
Cheese Soufflé Baking-Dessert
Chocolate Biscotti Baking-Dessert
Chocolate Cake, Rich Baking-Dessert
Chocolate Cake, Pound Cake Baking-Dessert
Chocolate-Chocolate Brownies Baking-Dessert
Chocolate Cookies, with Macadamia and Two Chocolates Baking-Dessert
Chocolate Frosting Baking-Dessert
Cornmeal Waffles Baking-Breakfast
Crumb Top Streusel Coffee Cake Baking-Coffee/Tea
Fresh Ginger Ice Cream Baking-Frozen Dessert
Glazed Ring Coffee Cake Baking-Dessert
Holiday Fruitcake Baking-Dessert
Key Lime Pie Baking-Dessert
Lemon Pudding Cake Baking-Dessert
Lemon Thyme Cake Baking-Dessert
Pecan Bourbon Bread Pudding Baking-Dessert
Pie Crust Baking-Dessert
Pumpkin Cheesecake Baking-Dessert
Raisin-Oatmeal Cookies Baking-Dessert
Rye Banana Nut Bread Baking-Dessert
Sugar Cookies Baking-Dessert
Sweet Pastry or Kuchen Dough Baking-Dessert
Tiramisu Baking-Dessert
Vanilla Soufflé with Grand Mariner Sauce Baking-Dessert
Vanilla Sugar Baking-Dessert

Baked Corned Beef Entree
Baked Meatloaf! Entree
Baked Meatballs Entree
Beef Pot Roast Entree
Braised Short Ribs of Beef Entree
Filet Mignon w/ Garlic, Parsley & Red Wine Demi-Glace, Entree
Hungarian Beef Guylás (Goulash) Entree (Not a tradition Hungarian Version)
Individual Beef Wellington Entree
Medallion of Beef au Poivre Vert Entree
Quick Pan Fried Beef and Vegetables Entree
Sirloin Beef Kabobs Entree
Steak au Poirve! Entree
Steak Diane Entree

Goat Cheese Tostada Appetizer
Baked Goat Cheese and Garlic Bread Toast with Tomato Vinaigrette Appetizer

Arroz con Pollo Entree
Barbecued Chicken Skewers Entree or Appetizer
Chicken a la King for 50!, Entree
Chicken Cacciatora Entree
Chicken Curry Entree
Chicken Cutlets in Garlic Cream, (Pollo alla Panna) Entree
Chicken Francese Entree
Chicken Kabobs Entree
Chicken Medallions with Artichoke Hearts Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Chicken Medallions Sauté Marsala! Entree
Chicken Paillarde, Grilled with Summer Vegetables and Herbs Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Chicken Steamed with Ginger, Soy and Broccoli Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Kun Kun Po Chicken Entree
Spicy Asian Chicken Wings Appetizer
Spicy Buffalo Style Chicken Wings Appetizer
Roast Chicken Entree

Duck with Cracked Pepper Entree
Duck Pizza Appetizer

Pheasant Sautéed with Shallots and Orange Cream Entree

Baked Cod New England Style Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Cod Fritters Appetizer
Crab Cakes Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Escargots Bourguignons Appetizer
Gravlax Marinated Salmon Appetizer
Jamaican Spiced Shrimp Entree
Lobster Newburg Entree
Loup de Mer au Pistou Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Olive Oil and Thyme Baked Scallops Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Poached Salmon with Shallot and Chive Beurre Blanc Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Poached Salmon with Fresh Green Herb Sauce Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Prawn Curry Entree
Salmon Baked on a Plate with Sorrel Sauce Entree
Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna Entree
Shrimp Frite Entree
Shrimp Fritters Appetizer
Shrimp in Lemongrass, Ginger and Coconut Milk Entree
Smoked Salmon Cucumber Tartine with Horseradish, Orange and Pickled Ginger Lunch/Sandwich (Reduced-Healthy*)
Steamed Clams in Garlic, Thyme and Saffron Broth Appetizer
Szechwan Shrimp Entree

Irish Lamb Stew! Entree
Rack of Lamb with Chipolte Chile and Honey Glaze Entree
Roast Leg of Lamb with Rosemary, Thyme and Garlic Entree
Shepherd’s Pie, (Hachis Parmentier) Entree

Garlic Butter Condiment
Low Fat Alfredo Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Pesto Genovese Condiment
Spaghetti Fra Diablo with Herbs Entree
Thin Spaghetti and Tamari Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Tomato Sauce Sauce (Reduced-Healthy*)

Chinese Dumplings or Beijing Ravioli a.k.a. Pot Stickers Appetizer
Homemade Sweet Italian Pork Sausage Entree
Homemade Sausages—Brats, Hot Italian and Pepper and Sage (Main Dish/Snack/Lunch)
French Garlic Sausage—Saucisson l’ail (Main Dish/Snack/Lunch)
Korean Style Lettuce Wraps Entree (Reduced-Healthy*)
Twice Cooked Pork Entree
Salad and Dressings

Buffalo Chicken Salad Salad
Blue Cheese and Sun Dried Tomato Dressing Dre

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