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Commercial Fishing in the Florida Keys Part 1

The Florida Keys is surrounded by a seafood gold mine…over the last two decades; Monroe County has maintained its ranking as one of the top 10 most valuable ports in the nation. In 2006, the most recent year for statistics, the county was ranked as the fifth most valuable fishing port in the United States. www.fkcfa.org AND OFF (Organized Fishermen of Florida Marathon Chapter) do EVERYTHING in their power to create a sustainable fishery in the Florida Keys.
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Question by Michael: What is the Statutes of Limitations in Florida for credit card debt?
I have a debt that’s over ten years old and a collection company threatening to sue. I think they’re fishing. The last payment was made around the year 2000 through a credit consolidation company. Nothing since. I didn’t agree to pay them anything, I didn’t say that I owe the amount they claim but I also didn’t deny it.
Is this something I should worry about?

Best answer:

Answer by joeleegoss
no most credit depts expire after seven years they are fishing ignore it

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Vintage Florida Postcard - Miami Beach - Fishing in the Gulf Stream Sailfish

End Date: Thursday Dec-3-2015 14:30:02 PST
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Video/slideshow: Summer Sunday by the river

A few nice fishing new york images I found:

Video/slideshow: Summer Sunday by the river
fishing new york
Image by Ed Yourdon
This is an abbreviated video, involving a subset of 15 of the photos that you can find in the complete Flickr set of Summer Sunday by the River photos; the "abbreviated" format is the result of Flickr’s limitation of 90 seconds for video uploads. You can see the full 8-minute version, with all of the photos, here on YouTube.


What do New Yorkers do on a hot Sunday afternoon at the end of July?

Typically, between one and two million (yes, million) of them head to a nearby park to relax and enjoy themselves. That might mean heading to Central Park, or Prospect Park, or one of the dozens of other parks scattered throughout the five boroughs of the city. But if you live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, one of the more tempting choices is Riverside Park, which stretches along the Hudson River from 59th Street up to 125th Street, and even further north (if you’re somewhat adventurous) to the George Washington Bridge.

It’s a relatively narrow park, but there’s enough grass to stretch out and sunbathe, or enjoy a picnic. Or you can find a shady spot under a tree, and read a book or the Sunday New York Times. Swimming in the river is not encouraged, but fishing is okay; or you can rent a (free) kayak down by the 70th Street pier, and paddle around in the river to enjoy a cool breeze. For the more athletically inclined, there are tennis courts (at 96th Street), soccer fields (a little further north), and baseball diamonds (a little further south).

But since there’s a wide, paved walkway that stretches along the entire distance of the park, a lot of people seem compelled — even in hot, humid weather — to jog, run, walk, skate, or bicycle along the river. It’s a great opportunity to show off your fancy bike, or your fancy skates, or your handsome/beautiful body; and it’s hard to beat the view and the scenery.

I came down here to Riverside Park some four months ago to photograph the biking/jogging/skating action, which you see on Flickr in a set I called "Riverside Park – first day of spring, Mar 20, 2011." But it was still pretty cold, so most people were bundled up to stay warm.

Today, on this last day of July, nobody was bundled up. True, nobody was running naked, and I didn’t see anyone in a bikini; but brief shorts and t-shirts were pretty universal … except for the guys who wore shorts and no shirt at all.

In my usual fashion, I took quite a few photos — 800 in all, as people continued skating, jogging, walking, and riding past me. About 10% of them were out of focus, or cut off (a running body with no head is not all that interesting), and another 80% were okay, but relatively boring. So, as usual, 90% of the photos got deleted, and I’ve got 80 "keepers" to share with everyone on Flickr. This YouTube video is merely a quasi-animated version of those photos, using a slide-show mechanism provided by Apple’s iMovie program, together with the "Ken Burns effect" that it creates.

I have a feeling that I won’t bother with any more summer photos along the river, like this. But I may come back in the fall, when the leaves have turned and the air is crisp and cool. Who knows what everyone will be wearing at that point?

NYC: South Street Seaport – Pier 17 and Ambrose
fishing new york
Image by wallyg

South Street Seaport, located where Fulton Street meets the East River, and adjacent to the Financial District, features some of the oldest architecture in downtown Manhattan including renovated original mercantile buildings from the early 19th century, renovated sailing ships, and the former Fulton Fish Market. The Seaport itself now operates primarily as a mall and tourism center. Built on Pier 17 on the East River, visitors are offered shops and a food court. Decks outside allow views of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Heights.

Now known by her last official designation "Ambrose," NO. 87 was built (1907) to serve as the first lightship on the newly established Nantucket station, where she served to guide mariners into the nation’s busiest port, New York. NO. 87 is also important in the history of radio, being the first successful shipboard radio beacon used to guide ships at long distances in poor weather.

It sits within the South Street Seaport Hisoric District and Extension, which was designated a historic district by the New York City Landmarks Preservation commission in 1977 and 1989.

Ambrose National Register #84002758
South Street Seaport National Register #72000883
South Street Seaport Historic District National Register #72000884

Carroll Garden Fish Mkt
fishing new york
Image by indiamos
This fish store gives me The Fear—it just doesn’t seem like they’d be able to turn over enough stock for any of it to be fresh—but I’ve always liked the lettering on their signs.

Lake Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for large mouth bass and pickerel in the lakes of New York state. Set to music, starts out slow but progresses. Footage is from the summer of 2008.
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Lake Fork Bass With Kevin VanDam
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fishing tips
Image by Travis S.
Occasionally one of us would go out of the tent to check on the tip-ups. Beorn got to stay outside and stand watch.

When do salmon and trout head upstream?

Question by kjd: When do salmon and trout head upstream?
I’m in upstate NY and I’ve heard salmon and trout go through the streams. When do they do this?

Best answer:

Answer by Tina

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Catfish Movie Trailer – watch all clips j.mp click to subscribe j.mp Filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost document a story involving Ariel’s brother, Nev, a 24-year-old New York-based photographer, and Abby, an 8-year-old girl from rural Michigan who contacts Nev via Facebook, asking for permission to make a painting from one of his photographs. TM & © Universal (2012) Cast: Megan Faccio, Nev Schulman, Rel Schulman Director: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: j.mp Join our Facebook page: j.mp Follow us on Twitter: j.mp Buy Movie: amzn.to Producer: Andrew Jarecki, Henry Joost, Ryan Kavanaugh, Brett Ratner, Ariel Schulman, Marc Smerling, Zachary Stuart-Pontier, Tucker Tooley, Colin Wilhm Screenwriter: Film Description: In late 2007, filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost sensed a story unfolding as they began to film the life of Ariel’s brother, Nev. They had no idea that their project would lead to the most exhilarating and unsettling months of their lives. A reality thriller that is a shocking product of our times, Catfish is a riveting story of love, deception and grace within a labyrinth of online intrigue.- catfish,”catfish trailer”,”catfish fishing”,catfishing,”nev schulman”,”megan faccio”,”rel schulman”,”camera videos”,”computer videos”,”painting videos”,”biographical documentaries”,documentary,”miscellaneous documentaries”,”ryan kavanaugh”,”tucker tooley”,”brett ratner”,”andrew jarecki”,”colin wilhm”,”marc smerling”,”zachary stuart
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First Time Camping Experience in NEW YORK!!!?

Question by Mr.Chipotle: First Time Camping Experience in NEW YORK!!!?
Okeydokey, I need some New York campers (that sounded lame) to help me pick out a sweet camping site. So me and a few friends want to go camping to celebrate our first year of college completed and I’m in charge of arranging everything. Personally, I’ve never been camping but wanted to since I was a kid. Ideally, I’d like to find a nice camping area in New York that isn’t “family-oriented,” in other words, secluded but environmentally beautiful. Somewhere where we can build a small camp fire for barbecuing, preferably near a lake where we can swim and/or fish. Are there any sites like this in New York? (Out of state sites are fine too; We’re willing to make the trip) Where and what do I have to do to arrange this? Do I have to call and reserve a spot? Also, how much money do we need in order to make this trip as comfortable as possible? (We have 4 people going, including myself). If we go, it’ll probably be for a weekend or so (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

Best answer:

Answer by chris w
If you lack experience pick a place that has at least some creature comforts like pit toilets at the minimum. Go cheap on expenses and lose quality to the trip specially food/drink wise bring foods you like at home that way you will eat it, Don’t even think of bringing MRE’s. Per person food expense for a great 3 day weekend? about $ 50 each will cover the food goods well. Campsite costs vary any where from free to $ 50 a night depending on how much creature comfort your willing to by. Some campsites have running water and electricity for example. Getting reservations assures you have a campsite when you get there

Here is a check list of what gear and basic foods to bring, divide the load

here are some suggestions for meals

Here is a menu planner

Here are 5 top rated places you ought to go

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Addictive Fishing: The Meaning Of Life – CANCER survivor’s biggest redfish

Capt. Blair Wiggins takes pediatric cancer survivor, James Brown, to catch his biggest redfish on Florida’s Space Coast. Get the Gear the Mogan Man Uses @ www.addictivefishing.com
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Question by Dave O: How do I find clams in Florida for bait?
I have always used live clams for bait while surf fishing. The prices for claims seem to get steeper every time I go down there. Is it possbile to harvest clams easily somewhere along the Indian River or some other inlet near Satellite Beach? How would I go about doing that? Thanks.
Thanks for the responses! I’ll give it a shot.

Best answer:

Answer by blake.bringerofdoom
you can always ask some local tackle shops or check some maps on the internet for clam beds, or just dig around, it’s how i look for clams and sand crabs when im in the surf.

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Vintage Florida Postcard - Miami Beach - Fishing in the Gulf Stream Sailfish

End Date: Thursday Dec-3-2015 14:30:02 PST
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does anyone have a recipe for making bacon cure using readly available ingredients?

Question by rayke1938: does anyone have a recipe for making bacon cure using readly available ingredients?
I have access to a smoker and wish to make and smoke my own bacon and hams. I have seen some usa websites and they have some recipes using salt petre/ prague powder. I have been told that you cannot buy this in australia ( my local Butcher) I successfully smoke my own fish just using a salt/sugar cure and have a brine pump would the salt/sugar cure be ok for bacon/ham.

Best answer:

Answer by king_of_hyrule
I eat kosher.

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compare and contrast southern middle and new england political, economic, social, and religious patterns?

Question by Lacey: compare and contrast southern middle and new england political, economic, social, and religious patterns?
This is what I have so far, I think the answer might be too long though since I have to compare and contrast political, social, and religious too.

3.Economic: New England) With rocky soil and long winters, farming was limited to subsistence levels that provided just enough for the farm family. The industrious descendants of the Puritans profited from logging, shipbuilding, fishing, trading, and rum-distilling.

Middle Colonies) Rich soil attracted farmers from Europe and produced and abundance of wheat and corn for export to Europe and the West Indies. Trading led to the growth of cities such as Philadelphia and New York.

Southern Colonies) The south’s varied geography and climate, farming ranged from small subsistence farming to large plantations. Cash crops were mainly tobacco in the Chesapeake and North Carolina colonies, and rice and indigo from South Carolina and Georgia. Had an increased use of slaves as a result of decreasing indentured servants

Things all three colonies had in common were: the forced use of limited hard currency, such as gold and sliver, to pay for the imports from England that increasingly exceeded colonial exports. Many colonies issued paper money, but this led to inflation.

Best answer:

Answer by Hey Dook
Patterns also developed in which Europeans moving to North America for religious reasons favored North England, especially if they were from England. Non English groups (Scots, Irish, Germans) were more concentrated in the middle colonies.

Your existing points make sense, except I think one has cause and effect reversed. African slaves transported in larger numbers after 1700, were a cause of decreases in indentured servitude.

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Winner announcement for 2005 Rival Crock-tober Recipe Contest in New York?

Question by gramgg865: Winner announcement for 2005 Rival Crock-tober Recipe Contest in New York?

Best answer:

Answer by Kevin (a.k.a. novell_mcne)
Is this what you’re looking for? http://www.crocktober.com/finalists.html
The four 1st place finalists in each of the four categories are,

“Impress Your Guests”
Eugenia Wychor from Shoreview, MN
Rosemary Pork with Red Wine Risotto – 1st Place

“Hunt’s Family Favorites”
Mary Bergfeld from Eugene, OR
Beggar’s Chowder – 1st Place

“International Cuisine”
Shirley DeSantis from Bethlehem, PA
Mediterranean Memories – 1st Place

“Quick & Easy”
Lisa Lothringer from Carleton, MI
Golden Pork w/Cinnamon Sugar Apples – 1st Place

This page http://www.crocktober.com/judging.html on their site says,

“ROUND THREE (Selection of Grand Prize Winner)
The four First Prize Winners, one in each recipe category, will be brought to New York City in either February or March, 2006, where they will each prepare their own respective recipes. At least three independent official judges will taste each of the First Prize recipes and select the one highest rated recipe as the Grand Prize Winner based on the same criteria as stated in Round Two above. The name of the Grand Prize Winner will be announced at a press conference immediately following.”

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Gripping footage showing an intelligent polar bear carefully stalking a seal in the hope of making it his next meal.

Q&A: Best place to vacation in new england?

Question by Emily B: Best place to vacation in new england?
my family is planning a vacation this summer and we also want to rent a vacation home for like 2 weeks (sort of like MA,CT,NH etc…). We want a place that has great beaches( clear water), malls and stores nearby and other fun things to do. Can someone please tell me the state and city that has all of this or most of this?

Best answer:

Answer by rsomers6
I would suggest one of the most vacationed places in all of NE during the summer, which would be Cape Cod. There is tons of stuff for kids, lots of nice beaches and nightlife. Only an 1hr and a half from Boston, there is a lot of shopping through the Cape and Massachusetts. Check Vacation rentals in Cape Code area in MA. Go karts, mini golf, nice restaurants, great stores. What more can you ask for?

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