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Matt Hayes fishing for perch, pike and zander on the river Severn

Angling Times weekly columnist Matt Hayes tackles the River Severn and catches giant pike, zander and perch. Read his adventures every Tuesday in Britain’s biggest fishing weekly.
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Coho Salmon fishing on the Alagnak River, Fly fishing Streamers and articulated leaches for Rainbow Trout and Coho Salmon. Shot on location in Katmai National Parks Wild Scenic Alagnak River with Alaska Adventures Lodge. www.alaska-fly-fishing.net http Contact us (877) 801-2289

Question by sportbominable: Where is the best bass fishing near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park?
I’m looking for lakes or large rivers I can put my kayak in to bass fish near or at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. Does anyone have any tips?

Best answer:

Answer by Golden Feather
There is Douglas Lake in Tn. & Fontana Lake, Lake Santeetlah in NC.
Fontana Lake borders the Smoky Mt. NP, and has Small Mouth and Walleye I know for sure.
My bet would be to fish Fontana over Douglas.
Not sure about any of the rivers or creeks out side the park, but know they try to keep only native species (trout) in the park creeks/rivers.

Links –
Fontana Lake, NC – http://frank.mtsu.edu/~yelverto/fontana.html
Santeetlah Lake, NC – http://www.greatcarolinaproperty.com/Outdoor-recreation/Santeetlah-lake.htm
Douglas Lake, TN – http://www.douglaslakeinfo.com/

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Battleship Game


Can someone please explain to me how the northern colony made a living (economic status) before the 1800?

Question by Ms. S.: Can someone please explain to me how the northern colony made a living (economic status) before the 1800?
I am trying to stay between 1650 – 1800 and all I find is slavery. I know there is something else.

Best answer:

Answer by staisil
The northern colonies developed more diversified economies, relying less upon the export of staples. Northern frontier settlers engaged in the fur trade, but that trade diminished rapidly because of overhunting. Although some New England farmers exported grain and livestock, many could barely feed themselves and their families. New Englanders therefore turned to alternative occupations, trading with the West Indies and developing vigorous fishing, small manufacturing, and shipbuilding industries. Farmers in the Mid-Atlantic, in contrast, sent flour and grain (wheat, corn) to the West Indies in great quantities from the beginning of colonization, thereby encouraging the growth of Philadelphia and New York. Nonetheless, many of these farmers participated in grain commodity markets only in occasional years of high prices until the 1760s and 1770s, when wars and crop failures in Europe opened new markets in southern Europe for grain, enticing farmers to greater market production.

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Brett’s first salmon from Lake Ontario, NY

My son Brett catching his first salmon on Lake Ontario NY. It was August 30, 2008 around 7:30 am, aboard the “Salmon Hunter”. Watch as my son fights the salmon with the help of the first mate (orange) and his grandfather.
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Home away from home when you fishing Salmon River in New York state Hidden Acres Lodging www.creativesystemservices.net
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ive always wanted to go ghost hunting?

Question by sammy: ive always wanted to go ghost hunting?
i always wanted to go ghost hunting and ben looking it up on the internet but cant find anyone that puts together ghost hunting trips in the new york area.
does anyone know of ways that i can do this?
i really want to have a ghost experience.
if your looking at this question and about to answer something stupid then dont even bother because i WILL be reporting you so if you dont have the answer im looking for click that back button on the top left!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Girl101
one way to find a ghost is to look in a place that had an event of some sort. Most ghosts stay around their death places, a place where a major part of their life took place, or a place where they haunted someone.

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Arsonists burned churches while deer hunting www.all-creatures.org Hunters are law abiding? www.all-creatures.org Del. law lets felons get hunting licenses www.all-creatures.org www.all-creatures.org Felons still getting hunting tags Dog Shot with an Arrow www.all-creatures.org www.all-creatures.org HUNTERS IMMUNIZED FROM CRIMINAL PROSECUTION MD: Hunter Bullet shatters window at day care!! OFFICIALS SAY 71 GOT HUNTING LICENSES DESPITE FIREARMS BAN www.all-creatures.org www.all-creatures.org OH: Teen hunter allegedly shoots bullet into house www.all-creatures.org NY: Bullet Fired at Deer Passes Through Crib www.all-creatures.org NY: Putnam man charged with shooting house while hunting www.all-creatures.org WA: hunter reportedly a convicted felon www.all-creatures.org WA: hunter reportedly a convicted felon AZ: Verde Valley man gets jail for hunting violations – 30 Dec 2008 FL: Nighttime deer hunt leads to charges for three Tampa men – 30 Dec 2008 VT: A collection of recent hunting violations – 22 Dec 2008 TN: Many hunting violations exposed – 21 Dec 2008 CO: man fined 000 for killing a Colorado mountain goat – 20 Dec 2008 VT: Two Mass. men face charges in illegal bear hunt – 18 Dec 2008 AK: Illegal trapping kills dog – 18 Dec 2008 OH – 2008 hunting violations up – 17 Dec 2008 MD: Ellicott City man charged with negligent hunting – 16 Dec 2008 MI: Woman sentenced for hunting accident – 16 Dec 2008 SD: SD woman sentenced for illegal hunting – 14 Dec 2008 TX: game wardens

Addictive Fishing: 2012 Season Finale – BEST OF with BLOOPERS & OUT-TAKES

Capt. Blair and the AF crew take us through the highlights of the 2012 season featuring a new “AFTER THE FIGHT” segment and the bloopers. Get Mogan Series Tackle @ www.addictivefishing.com Stay Connected @ addictivefishing.blogspot.com Become a Mogan Maniac @ http
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Capt. Blair heads to Southwest Florida to fish for monster offshore snook and permit with Capt. Glenn Andrews and Jim O’Keefe. Buy Mogan Series Tackle @ www.addictivefishing.com Join the Mogan Lounge @ www.addictivefishing.com Get on the AF Mailing List @ addictivefishing.blogspot.com
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Question by Ryan Schillinger: How to catch different kinds of fish?
I live in Florida, so I fish in the canals around here. All I catch is spotted trout. I use bread and worms. How would I catch something bigger? Rubber worms? I don’t know if there are any other fish in there. I get lucky if the spotted trout is at least 1 pound.

Also, I live in Royal Palm Beach, if it makes a difference.

Next week, my dad is taking us bass fishing in Lake Okeechobee.

Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Owen Corey
Vary up your fishing tackle thats how you catch fish i like to fish bait and i feel it works better but when a fish hits a lure it is so much better of a fight.

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What do people mean when they are talking about liberals?

Question by marie: What do people mean when they are talking about liberals?
Do they literally just mean liberals, or are they referring to democrats as well(who are not the liberal party, but I suppose their views would be considered liberal to a conservative)?
I see all this stuff about people who hate “libs,” but In a democrat isn’t a liberal so I’m not entirely sure who they are referring to.
Do you understand that a Liberal (who is part of the Liberal party) is different that someone with liberal views?

Best answer:

Answer by Face only a lib could love
It usually has to do with generalizing a huge group of people that you’re not a part of in a diminutive way.

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Book for plenty of AR points (hard), good for a 13 year old girl?

Question by Roxy: Book for plenty of AR points (hard), good for a 13 year old girl?
I need a book for my english class, and I need to get at least 25 AR points, and it needs to be more than a 8th grade level book. I am an advanced reader but I don’t want it to be boring either, I am interested in fantasy, and please don’t say Twilight! Those books make me want to barf!

Best answer:

Answer by neon tiger
If you like fantasy then you might enjoy the Great and Terrible Beauty series…they are kind of easy reads, but they are all super long.

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The Type 45 anti-air warfare destroyer will provide the backbone of the Royal Navy’s air defences for the next 30 years and beyond. It can engage a large number of targets simultaneously and identify, track and destroy a threat the size of a cricket ball travelling at three times the speed of sound. Ultimately, Type 45 will defend the UK’s new aircraft carriers or groups of ships, such as an amphibious landing force, against the strongest threats from the air. The Type 45 is the first frontline warship to feature an integrated electric propulsion system. This means that the whole ship, including propulsion, weapons and hotel, can run off a single power plant at an economical speed of around 18 knots. As a result, the ship is 45 per cent more economical than the Type 42 that it replaces and can travel the equivalent distance to New York and back without refuelling. It has been designed with through life support in mind. An example of this is directly above the engine — each level has an access plate that can be removed so that the engine can be lifted out without having to ship affecting the structure of the ship. Type 45’s innovative design incorporates stealth technology to reduce the chances of it being identified this shrinks the radar signature to make the ship appear to be the size of a fishing boat. The accommodation onboard Type 45 sets new standards for the Royal Navy. The crew benefits from almost 40 per cent more space than on previous ships — equivalent to a
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What gay bars are there in Long Island??? (it is the long island in New York, east of NYC., shaped like fish.)?

Question by Steven Crawford: What gay bars are there in Long Island??? (it is the long island in New York, east of NYC., shaped like fish.)?
I am a 21yearoldboyfromNY. I live in Long Island (which is in New York). I live smack in the middle of it. (not Middle Island, NY btw), but in Smithtown and also in Oakdale.
Could you tell me where I can find gay bars — ANYWHERE on Long Island, preferably in Nassau and Suffolk county, ie. all the land east of Queens, NYC. all the way to the end of the forks ie. montauk & orient point., and the islands underneath the south shore of Long Island. Thank you!!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by still learning
i live in CA, but google it or look up gay community in Long Island.. but i think you can leave off the part about looking like a fish haha.

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This is a taste of a documentary film called Montauk Rocks which I am currently working on. The film has been two years in production and I am hoping to have a finished product in 2010. This sequence was cut specifically with “Awave Away”, by New York musician RANDY LORD, in mind. It is an interesting example of how much music influences our perception of an image, or sequence of images. In most of these shots the wind was howling, it was cold, the surf was big and I was working hard not to get the gear wet and to keep the sandblasting to a minimum. With a slightly different cut, and a metal or hard rock sound track, it would have been a completely different teaser. Montauk Rocks is about the legions surf fishermen who migrate to the rocky shores of New Yorks easternmost point each fall in pursuit of a trophy striped bass. Montauk is the self proclaimed “Surf Fishing Capital Of The World” and attracts anglers from around the globe. Every fall this terrestrial migration takes place, coinciding with the oceanic migration of the striped bass. Anglers come to Montauk to participate in this rite of passage from around the country, and from as far away as Europe and Japan. The competition for prime fishing spots increases every year as more and more anglers arrive on the beaches and rocks around Montauk Point hoping for their piece of the ever-diminishing fish stocks. Conflicts erupt between local and visiting anglers, between shore bound and boat anglers, and increasingly

Ice fishing landlocked salmon

Got this nice 23″ salmon

Question by pipsiwa: What’s your favorite sushi roll/recipe?
My boyfriend gave me all the tools to make sushi at thome last year…but I’ve only tried it a few times and use the same recipes over and over again (tempura crab/shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, sriacha red chili sauce, etc…) I love these ingredients, but want to try something new…what’s your favorite roll when you go out to sushi and what does it have in it?

Best answer:

Answer by invalmer97
my fav is the usual- california roll… i like the caviar, seaweed, mango, rice, crabstick, cucumber and japanese mayo on top! it just tastes so good!

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