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My second story at ten years of age?

Question by I HATE ANIMAL ABUSE!I: My second story at ten years of age?
It’s about a boy named Evan who is 12 yrs old. He lives in New York with his mom and dad. His Uncle Zechariah (not Zachariah) is sick. He’s going to go care for him and on the way he gets ship wrecked. Would you like a passage of it? I don’t really need any tips but they are always welcome.

(1)What should he eat on the island?
(2)What should it be called? For now I have Lost Adventures
I am thinking of the Aztecs

Best answer:

Answer by T12
e-mail me a passage at t_silwimba@yahoo.com, you could let him eat roasted meat from wild turkeys and find wild berries or make him creatful enough to make a spear and hunt for fish

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Is it weird that I want to go to college in New York?

Question by Lalala: Is it weird that I want to go to college in New York?
Ok so, I’m currently a junior in high school, but in the beginning of middle school, I moved out to this rural farm area wear people dress in camouflage and go hunting on the weekends…So I’ve been dreaming of moving to New York City and going to college there. I really want to go to Columbia or NYU! (I think I have a pretty good chance of getting in because of my 4.0 GPA and extracurriculars).
Anyway, I told some of my friends this and they said I shouldn’t go to New York, rather I should go with them to California. Their argument was that NY is too cold and that I could be kidnapped or jumped…
Is it weird that I want to go to college in NY? What should I tell my friends so that they stop bothering me about my decision?

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Answer by Gamewarrior15

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Outdoor Adventure Team President Salvatore Magro takes out hunter Nate Cross on a quick doe management hunt in New York. Nate has never shot a deer in his life and DROPS this doe. Great Job Nate!!
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saw a couple pods going up river, fish on 2 week minimum

Q&A: Going fishing in Lake George in a week. What kind of lures or baits should i use?

Question by Justyn: Going fishing in Lake George in a week. What kind of lures or baits should i use?
fishing for bass and anytyhing else. New York

Best answer:

Answer by Doug R
Bring a spinning lure preferable gold. A Golden Wobbler lure, Rapala minnow look alikes work pretty well. Buzz baits. Jigs. Gary Yamamoto rubber worms. Any soft bait is worth a try.

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Antigua Deep Sea Fishing for Big Yellowfin Tuna, August 2011

Out in the deep, hunting for monster yellowfin tuna – 25 miles off Antigua. Jigging sorted us out with plenty of baby blackfin for livebait and skipjack tuna for cut bait. The baited outfit delivered several decent yellowfin and blackfin and then an 80lb yellowfin for Big John. Then Eli rustled up another heavyweight yellowfin on his last drop with John’s Van Staal jigging outfit. One heck of a tussle, 40 minutes ( – and some seriously strained buttocks later!!) – an 70 pounder hit the deck of Blue Rapid – and we decided to head for home. Great sport, great company, great food for the table – the finest possible way to spend a Sunday….. Many thanks to all!
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Capt. Blair and DOA Lures creator, Mark Nichols, fish the bridges of Islamorada for big tarpon with the DOA Root Beer Terroreyz on this episode of Addictive Fishing. Get the Gear the Mogan Man uses @ www.addictivefishing.com Stay Connected @ addictivefishing.blogspot.com

Cruceros en la Bahía Shediac – New Brunswick, Canada
fishing tips

Image by viajeacanada
El equipo de Shediac Bay Cruises te permite comer una selección de langostas frescas y te da tips para cocinarlas.

Mira un video aquí.

Question by sun.shine: What are your tips to tidying all the house thoroughly?
I want to thoroughly clean and tidy my whole house. I mean a major deep clean.
I have 3 bedrooms, 2 rooms downstairs, a kitchen, a bathroom, a 4 month old baby and one pet fish, oh and a husband!
How can i go about doing this?
Should i dedicate one full day to doing this? Or break it up into bits?

What i really need is your tips.

Thanks xxx

Best answer:

Answer by Jackie
I would start with one room at a time,finish it then move on to the next.That’s how I clean a house and I do it for a living.

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Q&A: If you could take a fishing trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Question by Sharon: If you could take a fishing trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Hmmmm… I wonder if anyone will say the same place I am dying to go to.

Best answer:

Answer by rapture
back to ontario, canada. I know its not really exotic or anything. I just had so much fun up there that i cant wait to go again.

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The Sub Marine Explorer was built in New York by Julius Kroehl in the mid-1800s. Kroehl brought his invention to Panama’s pearl islands for pearl fishing, but the craft was technically flawed, giving its occupants the “bends” or decompression sickness. It was abandoned near shore in 1865 and was rediscovered in 2001 by archaeologist Dr. James Delgado. In 2008, the Waitt Institute partnered with Dr. Delgado, the Institute of Nautical Archaeology and the Instituto Nacional de Cultura de Panama to complete documentation of the sub before the tides erode its hull into the sea.

Ornamental fish in the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden

Check out these fishing new york images:

Ornamental fish in the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden
fishing new york

Image by Alan Cordova

Thai Fish Dish
fishing new york

Image by joeymanley
Joe had this after the ballet performance. They used the carcass of the fish to decorate the plate! The lighting was terrible, and so is the picture, but I had to post it due to the weirdness.

Endangered Fish
fishing new york

Image by IslesPunkFan
Taken at the Bronx Zoo in New York.

Salmon river, Pulaski, NY USA 2009

Hooking landlocked Pacific Chinook (King) salmon on one of the best King salmon rivers in the world, near Pulaski in upstate New York USA. 6th Oct 2009. Its Nucking Futs!!!! HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!!!
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Question by polly23: My is my Dog Braking out with a skin rash?
I have a 4 year old cocker spaniel. When I adopted him at the age of 2 he was always healthy. Once he turned 3, I realized he has be scratching a lot, and had these little red spots. I immediately took him to the vet, The vet told me he had skin allergies, she gave him anti-biotics and she recommended for me to change his food. I changed his food to TASTE OF THE WILD Salmon flavor. I kept him away from any type of grains, beef, yeast, all the other things that are known to affect dogs with food allergy. He got better, his rash went away for a year. However…. my husband and I relocated from New York to New Hampshire. I started to noticed My dog has been scratching a lot. I thought it was fleas….But it wasn’t. I took a look at his coat and… it look dry and brittle. He had hives all over his body, like little pink spots. He is had flaking of the skin all over his coat. some of his hair started to fall off.. I FREAKED OUT! I started taking him oatmeal baths with non-sented shampoos. I changed his food again to a more expensive No grain food from Blue Buffalo,. I rubbed his body down with rich organic coconut oil and I added fish oil to his food. I have to take him baths 2Xs a week or else he would start itching again, a bad odor would come from him, and his coat would pile up with skin flakes. I needed to keep his coat clean and conditioned so he wont itch and he can sleep in peace. Recently I went NY to visit the family for the holidays, I stood in NY for 3 weeks. I noticed throughout that period of my stay, my dog’s coat changed to a shinny clean coat, and all his hives went away. I did not see him scratch.. not once. He was skin allergy was gone. I came back to New Hampshire last week, My dog is sick again. He is back on with his skin allergy. Took him out… and he broke out with pink hives all over his tummy, all the way to upper chest….Itching, scratching, Licking, Biting, and scales off dead skin coming out from his coat. I had to get him a buzzed down so I can moisturize his skin. I Spent so much money on vet bills. He back on Anti-biotics. This is nuts! I wonder is its the grass down here or something?? has anyone been through this with their pet???
No Carpets in apartments, Hard wood flooring. No harsh chemicals. Non scented laundry detergent to wash pets bed and sheets.
I meant I have hardwood floors throughout the entire apartment.

Best answer:

Answer by Harry
Wow! That’s crazy! I would say that it is something either in the grass or in the air in New Hampshire! I’ve never heard of something like this before! I would try and keep an eye on him for a few days.He may be eating something or rolling in something he shouldn’t be and that could be causing the skin irritation. You can also try another brand of food or a special kind of shampoo or soap that helps skin irritation. That’s all I can think of besides bringing him in to the vet again. I hope this helps and your dog gets better!

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Q&A: Can you tell me some really interesting facts about Marc Ecko?

Question by Dum E.: Can you tell me some really interesting facts about Marc Ecko?
So like tell please okay!

Best answer:

Answer by Sweet Pea
Marc Ecko (born: Marc Milecofsky) is a Jewish fashion designer and entrepreneur, born in Lakewood, New Jersey in 1972. He started selling t-shirts in the mid 1980s, and founded his clothing brand eckō in 1993. Marc Ecko Enterprises has grown to include many separate *eckō unltd. apparel and accessories lines, the contemporary Marc Ecko “Cut & Sew” collection, G-Unit Clothing Company, Zoo York, Avirex Sportswear, Complex magazine, and Marc Ecko Entertainment, a full service production company, with a focus on interactive entertainment. In 2004, Marc Ecko Enterprises reported international sales of approximately $ 1 billion. The Company also recently signed a deal with MTV Films for the film adaptation of Marc Ecko’s first videogame project, “Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure” .

Ecko has been included in New York Magazine’s “Influentials” list , Details list of “Most Powerful Men Under 38” , DNR’s “Power 100 List” , Crain’s New York Business “40 Under 40” list, and JVibe magazine’s “Hot List” .

Over the years, Ecko has also dedicated himself to a number of socially conscious initiatives, including significant work with underprivileged youth , and a dedicated role in reversing the plight of the world’s rhino population . In 2005, the San Diego Zoo named a baby Indian rhino after the designer in honor of his work with the International Rhino Foundation , and in June 2006 he hosted the second annual “Save the Rhinos” benefit concert in New York’s Central Park . In October 2006, Marc Ecko purchased two white rhinos being auctioned by a private zoo going out of business in the Catskills, saving them the likely fate of being purchased by Texas canned hunt operators (canned hunts are still legal in that State) and being shot by paying visitors.

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Oscar-winner and madcap comic genius ROBIN WILLIAMS (“Good Will Hunting,” “Patch Adams”) stars in this emotionally powerful tragicomedy that follows TS Garp — the most human being you’ll ever meet — a man with a penchant for writing and wrestling, who, surrounded by eccentrics and innumerable absurdities, develops his own way of coping with life and its ironies. Joel Siegel, “Good Morning America,” calls this “a wonderfully made film” and The New York Times says “an impressive accomplishment.” “One of the year’s 10 best” (The LA Times). A boxoffice hit featuring an all-star supporting cast, with Oscar nominations for GLENN CLOSE (“The Paper,” “Fatal Attraction”) and JOHN LITHGOW (“The Pelican Brief,” “Cliffhanger”). Based on the best-selling novel by John Irving (“The Hotel New Hampshire”), from famed director George Roy Hill (“The Sting,” “Funny Farm”). MPAA Rating: R (c) 1982 Warner Bros. EntertainmentAll Rights Reserved.

Q&A: What did you like doing in the summer?

Question by Tiffany: What did you like doing in the summer?
On my summer i went to Raging Water and had fun.My mom my brother my cousins (5 of them) and my mom sister (the old one) and me.We went to water slide but i loved the Dragon Den.So tell me about what you doing in Summer.

Best answer:

Answer by Sanyo
we used to go to Maldives

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What do you need to hunt the world’s greatest hunter? How about some fishing line and a six-pack. Directed by Gary Doust Tropfest Australia 2008 3rd Prize Winner Also by Gary Doust, see: www.youtube.com