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can a felon own a gun in new york?

Question by cjb4376: can a felon own a gun in new york?
i was convicted of a class e felony 13 years ago.i was wondering if i could ever own a gun in new york for hunting purposes.

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Answer by Rob K

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18 Responses to “can a felon own a gun in new york?”

  1. Sarah S says:

    No, they do a background check and if there is anything on there you cannot own a gun…sorry!

  2. dkoch1444 says:

    Nope, your screwed!

  3. HunterFisher444 says:

    No. I believe you also forfited your right to vote.

  4. RDG78 says:

    MAYBE a black-powder gun, or something which is classified as a Curio or Relic. Otherwise, you’ll have to inquire about getting that conviction expunged from your record, and that could take a while.

  5. ?Darth? says:

    well considering if it was 13 years ago, and your record has been clean during that time period. it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. I live in the city of new york, and i know that your not allowed to own a gun. Not even a paintball gun, but upstate is different, In my opinion I think you still have a chance if your record has been clean since then.

  6. stephen schafer says:

    NO! and please don’t buy one illegal because the propaganda machine (the media) will take it way out of context and do a whole story on how gun control is sky rocketing and then the soccer moms will hear about it and write their legislators about how they want total gun control.

  7. randy says:

    A convicted felon cannot own a gun in any state.

  8. Dan B says:

    The law against a convicted felon owning or carrying a gun is federal rather than local or state. However I know a guy in Colorado who said he was allowed to hunt with black-powder firearms because they came under a different ruling. Check that out. You may get lucky.

  9. jakflak says:

    A felon can’t own, possess, or even live in a home with a concealable firearm anywhere in the United States.

  10. rotorhead says:


  11. Arc Burn says:

    Not legally. But, we all know felons will always have guns, even after Obama tries to take ours away.

  12. Mountain man says:

    I still believe if you served your time for the crime then ALL your rights should be restored…I have never been convicted or arrested for any crime, but I still hold that to take away a mans rights is a death penalty! And your only realistic recourse is to leave this country and find peace else where! God, be with you!

  13. Fred3003 says:

    If your crime that you committed was a non-violent crime you might qualify to have your rights restored under the Second Chance Act. You will have to hire a lawyer to get you case put before a judge.

  14. WoodcarverFrank says:

    Try speaking to an attorney , you may find that there are alternatives .

  15. mike i says:

    NOPE…..ANYTHING that requires standard paperwork for a firearm specifically asks you “have you ever been convicted of a felony”

    Obviously you MUST answer YES
    (you cant lie, they run multiple background checks)

    And if you look at the bottom of the form it says clear as day.

    “if you answered YES to any of the questions above, you may NOT legally purchase a firearm.”

    Now heres the catch, some states actually CLASSIFY DIFFERENTLY what a firearm is…meaning their are different definitions of WHAT exactly a firearm is.

    Some states DO NOT consider black powder weapons or Antique weapons to be firearms.

    Meaning they DONT run background checks.

    I know FOR SURE if you live in Alabama or most other Pro-gun states, they DO NOT run background checks on Black Powder Rifles…..not sure about pistols.

    So the answer is YES, you can buy a projectile firing weapon…however you are very limited to what you can buy…..Black Powder weapons or Antique firearms.

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