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Jonny finally gets on the hard water of one of the great lakes, Lake Erie! He is chasing some huge Erie walleye and the bite is hot! A limit is caught out of an Ohio state park on mainly sweedish pimples! Stay tuned for more videos, enjoy!
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Image by Jeremy and Christine
White tip reef shark

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Kayak Fishing Safety

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Question by Pez: Carp Fishing Tips???
What are some tips for carp fishing?

Best answer:

Answer by Dennisz Pro Fishermen
Go on to my site,

I go into tournaments and i tell you how to catch a carp. My site is full of recipes.

But, simply you get a stiff rod.

50lb Braided line.

And use recipes on my site for the bait.

Simply, get a rod holder.
Cast your line out with a 3-treble hook and a bait. Cover the whole hook, and don’t put any weights on it because if carp feels medal or something weirdon the hook they can spit it out or if they feel weight they spit it out.

Cast out and make sure theres some tension on the line so you know when its biting. Don’t touch the fishing pole. Just wait, after while you’ll catch one.

Good luck.

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Spinner Fishing

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Demonstrates the basics of using spinners to fish for trout and offers tips that will be useful for both beginners and more experienced anglers with Jeff Dietrich of Shavers Creek Environmental Center at Penn State.
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Image by pyrogenic
Image I left as a tip at Hama-Ko in SF

Question by : I love to go fishing and my favorite fish to catch are Bullheads.Any one have any tips on how to catch them?
I also like to catch Carp.Any tips on catching them as well?

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Answer by donall520
Dusk and later is the best time frame.
Submerged stumps will definitely attract them (and cause you to loose many hooks).
Fish on the lake bottom using a nightcrawler on a #4 baitholder hook.

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More Redifsh Fishing and Redfish Tips and How to catch redfish visit: Redfish Fishing on the Georgia Coast with Capt. Richie Lott for Bull Redfish. Redfish Fishing in the spring season produces nicer Redfish than in the fall months. We fish the rivers in our area for Bull Redfish in spring. Redfishing in GA is hard to beat….

Dan Hernandez gives Lobster Fishing Tips

Grill Wings tip
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Image by Public Domain Photos
Free Photos – Grill Wings tip – Nice and brown

More Photos and Full Size Up to 3072 x 2304 pixels

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Question by melissa_is_maxx: can you give me a few more fishing tips?
so i asked about fishing, and osmeone answered, but not enough for me, like i need to know how to tie a lure but whatz that? and they said i need to know how to cast. wahts that mean? whats bait? or lure should i use? do fish even have teeth to bite?

Best answer:

Answer by Steven
You should check out this website to help you get started.

The first thing to know is that you fish with a fishing pole. The part of the pole that has the string on it is called the reel. Casting is when you lean the pole back, and then sling it forward which throws the bait out into the water. A lure is some type of fake (non-living) bait. Lures are often made to look like worms, or small fish. There are many types of lures and which one to use depends on which type of fish you are trying to catch. The word Rig also refers to a lure, but more specifically it refers to the technique used to attach the lure to the string at the end of your pole and attract fish. The rest you should learn from a website and by experience. Good luck.

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Capt. Blair travels to Florida’s Panhandle to fish for cobia with Ranger Pro, Todd Royall. Get the Gear the Mogan Man Uses @

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Image by Fool-On-The-Hill
9"in. parr. I got into a whole bunch of these with a hit on nearly every cast. I can’t even remember how many I caught,but they were all little guys,the biggest at 10"in. I think they were parr just moving into the lake from the creek. Feisty little guys though.

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10 Tips for Fishing Wire From the Attic

Posted by: | Comments (5) 10 important tips to know when fishing wire down walls from an attic.
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Tomato clown anemonefish in Bubble tip anemone
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Image by wildsingapore
The delightful Tomato anemonefish (Amphiprion frenatus) is often seen in the Bubble tip anemone (Entacmea quadricolor).

More about this fish and the host sea anemone on the wildfacts sheets on wildsingapore.

300dpi photo free for download as part of the International Year of the Reef. Please credit to Ria Tan,

Photo reference: 080803smkd9131

Question by D S: Tips and tricks for fishing small mouth bass?
I need some tips and tricks for lake fishing small mouth bass. I.E bait selections and structures to look out for as well as what to do on extremely hot days and other instances that relate. Thanks!

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Answer by The American Worm
Bait Selections-
Worms, shiners, or crawdads for live bait. Plastic worms, cranks, plugs, poppers, flies, spinners, spoons, or jigs for lures.

Your best friends for smallies are rocks! Look for them!

Hot Days-
Same bait, just a slower retrieve with less action. Play it off like your bait is sick or dying.

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Comments (5) Spanish Mackerel Shootout 2009 was held again by Mackay Game Fishing Club in Mackay, with the obvious goal of catching Spanish Mackerel. Reefari was a major sponsor and didn’t need much of an excuse to go fishing. Some great fish were caught over the weekend. We tried hard, did some huge miles, tried all the top spots, but with some Westerly in the wind, the spanish mackerel fishing was shut down with most fish coming from the Whitsundays or south at Hay Point. We have 4 good hits, and missed every one. That’s fishing and you don’t win them all. Had the gun bait, Wolf herring, Gar and some great lures. Anyhow still was a top weekend with the boys and will do it all again next year. Best Spanish Mackerel was 29 Kilo’s caught by Mick Rethus. Thanks to Major Sponsor JG Marine, Tackle World, Barra Pro and Northside tackle. Subscribe for more great fishing action, news and tips, Cheers Greg Check out our page on how to catch Spanish Mackerel below and how to rig Wolf Herring, Gun Spanish Bait!! http
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The Angler
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Image by Nanagyei
Met Ted on my walk by the canal over the weekend. He was fishing, i stopped to ask him if i could take his picture and he said yes. We then had a chat about the weather and fishing. He told me all the best spots to fish and the types of fish i could catch. He also showed me what he had caught and told me of his trips to France & Spain to do some fishing.

I told him i had never fished but with his tips i might get a tack box and a rod and give it a try :).

Thanks for your comments and vists.

Question by : Freshwater Bass fishing tips?
There’s a couple huge largemouth bass in the pond that i go to. But they never go for anything like worms corn and lures. But they have chased and stolen struggling trout off of our lines. Any good ways of catching these fish. Tips? baits? Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Kyle
Twitch the bait while reeling in and do it slowly. Keep your rod tip down so you can securely set the hook. Bass are tricky with baits and lures. Get some smelly jelly and rub it on ur lure. I use a lot of Baby Brush Hogs and the best brand of baits is Zoom.

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Night Fishing Tips – Reaction Baits

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Matt Allen of Tacticalbassin discusses his 5 most effective reaction baits for fishing after dark.

“Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach that person to use the Internet and they won’t bother you for weeks.”
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Image by turtlemom4bacon
My two Croaker fish I caught yesterday ~

The Atlantic croaker, sometimes called drum, golden croaker, or hardhead, inhabits Atlantic coastal waters from Massachusetts to Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico around Texas. Large concentrations can be found in the Chesapeake Bay and the Mississippi River delta. From March to October, croaker will be found over sandy or grassy shallows of the Chesapeake Bay and move into deeper water in the winter. The bulk of the catch from the Mid-Atlantic is usually taken in July, August, and September.

The names croaker and drum are descriptive of the noise the fish makes by vibrating strong muscles against its swim bladder, which acts as a resonating chamber, much like a drum. During spawning season (August to December), croakers turn a distinct golden color, hence the name golden croaker. At maturity (three to four years), croakers reach between 1-1/2 feet long and 4-5 pounds, with the average size being 1/2-2 pounds.

Since the average croaker is relatively small, this fish is usually sold drawn (viscera removed, head on) or dressed (head and viscera removed). Larger fish will be filleted. The croaker offers a tender meat with a mild, sweet flavor. The fish can be baked, broiled, or fried to bring out its flavor. The Virginia Sea Grant Program offers the following tips on how to eat a pan-dressed fish. Be sure to try the recipe that follows for Cornmeal Fried Croaker.


Place the cooked croaker on a plate so that the belly flap is toward you. Remove the skin from the top side of the fish (unless you prefer to eat it). The meat above the lateral line, between the backbone and dorsal fine, will flake easily with a fork. This is called the loin section. Remove this portion in pieces without shredding it by lifting the meat in rows, head end to tail, onto the plate.

The belly flap is the tricky part – you need to look for rib bones and intermuscular bones here. The rib bones line the belly cavity. The intermuscular bones are in the meat. The rib bones should be visible but remain on the skeleton. From the ventral fin to the tail, the bones will be as they were in the loin portion.

When all the meat is removed from the top portion, carefully lift the dorsal and ventral fins and attached bones. The back bone can then be lifted out along the tail bones and tail fin. Then remove any of the rib or intermuscular bones that may remain in the belly flap and enjoy the other half of the fish!


6 small croakers, pan-dressed 1 tsp. paprika
2 eggs 3 cups yellow corn meal
3/4 cup milk cooking oil or margarine
1/2 cup flour lemon wedges
salt and pepper cherry tomatoes (optional)

Wash croakers, drain, and pat dry with absorbent paper. Season flour with salt and pepper. In a mixing bowl, blend eggs and milk. Sprinkle additional salt, pepper, and paprika into corn meal and spread on wax paper. Lightly dredge each croaker in seasoned flour, dip in egg wash, and thoroughly coat in corn meal. Drop coated fish into deep fat fryer (375 degrees F) until golden brown. Or fry coated fish in 1/2 inch hot cooking oil or margarine for 5-6 minutes or until golden brown on one side; turn and brown other side, allowing 10-12 minutes total cooking time. Serve with lemon wedges. Garnish with cherry tomatoes if desired.

Question by yonk: Im fishing in a small pond tomorrow for flathead catfish any tips?
Like I said its a small pond and the weather here is supposed to be hot and sunny. Any tips? and im fishing with chicken liver any tips on how to keep it on the hook? thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Naw56
fish, them is naturalls in the water.

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What a show we’ve got for you…! + We’re at the Cumbria Fishing Festival learning top tips about river flyfishing for trout and grayling with Jeremy Lucas. + We’re out with survival expert Jonny Crockett dining off the bushes. + Love your lurchers and terriers? We’re racing them at the Highclere Country Fair and learning why the government must repeal the ban on coursing. + It’s the launch of our news service: all the most important stories. Nothing else on telly? Pour yourself a glass and watch our show.
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Little Egret
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Image by oldbilluk
The Little Egret was fishing by immersing the tip of its bill in the water and rapidly opening and closing its bill, creating a disturbance.

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Baby sharks eating frenzy.
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How should I cook it?
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Image by Overduebook
I bought a piece of black tip shark today. Any suggestions on how to cook it?

Question by : Chub Fishing tips!!!!!!?
It’s very warm summer day and i’m about to go fishing there are ig chub there what tips like bait rigs and shiz should i use

Best answer:

Answer by Dylan
blue top water frog

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