Crappie Catching Tips: 3 Amazing Crappie Fishing Techniques Details Here!

Writen By: April 25th, 2015 Welcome to the wonderful world of crappie fishing! Check out these amazing three crappie catching guidelines today! also don’t forget to visit my website and get your free copy of 78 Fishing Discoveries Unleashed
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Here’s a tip for anybody running a fish farm beside a park / tourist destination: don’t waste time and money feeding your fish yourself, install vending machines dispensing fish food for 25 cents a handful and let the kids pay you to feed the fish!

Question by Chrissy L: Tips for pier fishing in southern california during fall months?
During the summer my family and I really got into pier fishing. We live in southern california and usually go to the Oceanside pier. Does anyone have tips for pier fishing for fall months? Were not doing as great as we were in the summer, but we can still see tons of fish. What conditions should we look out for? Any tips are great!! Thanks.

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Answer by carl
For a while i was pier fishing at Newport beach pier.I use anchovies,blood worms seems to work for me regardless of the season.All so you should inquire about length of the fish you catch you can get a citation if the type of fish is under a certain length some times the police will inquire as to what you cought.especially if it is a halobit fish.I seem to catch more at night and use a glow stick it attracts more fish to the light near the hook.I never fished at Oceanside pier as i live closer to newport.

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