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Fishing Tips : Using Ivory Soap as Fish Bait

Ivory soap can be used as fish bait by boiling it and letting it re-harden so that it doesn’t crumble. Add flavor to Ivory soap for use as fish bait with help from a fishing guide in this free video on fishing for beginners. Expert: Mark Senosk Bio: Mark Senosk is a professionally trained fishing guide, studying under the Hubbards Guide Academy. Filmmaker: David Pakman

Different types of fishing bait include Rapala lures, bullet lures and live bait, such as herring. Find out how to use planer rods to let the bait go down 20 to 30 feet during high-speed trolling with help from a fishing trainer in this free video on types of fishing bait. Expert: Mark The Shark Contact: www.marktheshark.com Bio: Captain Mark The Shark is an expert on charter fishing for any type of fish. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Fishing tip
fishing tips
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Question by stump: What are the best bass fishing tips sites?
I want to learn advanced techniques as well as being reminded of basics and need your help because I need to hear from good fisherman. I want to learn tips from established anglers such as Rick Clunn, KVD, Skeet Reece, but also Bill Dance and others like these. There is a television show called The Bass Pros. I want a site similar to that show in relation to the things it teaches, but can be in video or written format. Good sites from other sources are also welcome.

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Answer by some other person
bassmaster, in-fisherman have TONS of info/articles/video pertaining to bass fishing.

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30 Responses to “Fishing Tips : Using Ivory Soap as Fish Bait”

  1. zachthefisherman says:


  2. tiger8224 says:

    I have used soap before and caught many catfish

  3. FixFalcon says:

    wtf, as soon as that hits the water it’s coming off the hook…

  4. @rjs4199 Soap was first used during the Great Depression.

  5. rjs4199 says:

    Who was sitting around one day and decided to try soap as bait.

  6. unproskater says:

    i thought soap killed fish

  7. skelvator says:

    catfish:i hate you mom!!!!!
    catfish mom:honey get the sop
    dad:ok *grabs a hook
    fisher:*reels in the catfish boy 😛
    fisher:yum 😀

  8. Mr88sales says:

    weird,first time ever hearing of this technique…smh very slow…

  9. blingerninja says:

    @hamscum The dude on “River Monsters” is using it right now. Workin’ fine.

  10. ilyboricua1 says:

    wow does that really work? i have to try it sometime lol 😀 thnx!

  11. 916939 says:

    yea suck at doing this but yea catfish soup works good…i caught a a 40 npound cat un sacaramento out of it….so ye EXPLin more for cat….

  12. pac1for says:

    Do you use this for catfish that use particularly foul language?

  13. ditto11223 says:

    lulz 😀 cewl 😀

  14. iluvfatchx says:

    @MrFisherman124 yep

  15. CIUHITMAN says:

    @alokomo its because of the animal fats that were used to make the soap it attracts the fish. You can also use unscented dial and even zest soap.

  16. semco72057 says:

    I have not heard of this type of bait before. Think I will stick with my chicken livers and gizzards instead.

  17. PainKiller1541 says:

    How much of the soap do you use?

  18. PainKiller1541 says:

    How much of the soap do you use?

  19. MrFisherman124 says:

    Is the soap you use the brand Ivory soap?

  20. suzukirider896rm85L says:

    does it taste like soap when you eat it??

  21. hamscum says:

    please do not soap up our lakes and rivers trying this I call shenanigans!!!!!!!!

  22. ilikelax23 says:

    @UnKindestTrack nah, unless ur fishin a place tht requires a permit but as long as ur not just chuckin the bars of soap in the water u should b fine. i’ve been usin ivory for years and catch everything on it

  23. madakopee says:

    @TheScoobydude23 did you catch anything?

  24. xevilwalksx says:

    it actually works…

  25. TheAhmedraza81 says:

    hey i have been doing exactly how u said in yr clips, and i am practicing it for months but i dont why i dont get the fish, can u please guide me, i am using live baits and i get the bites but no fish, please give me some tips

  26. 1DarkUchiha1 says:

    Hey Can you make a video that how to connect the Lure to the Line I don’t know how to do it Btw, I’m 13 years old and i want to learn more about fishing Rules, what kind of lures, Fishing Spots, ETC.

  27. Nogard2oo7 says:

    wow really good tips.. that’s what i was looking for! thanks Mark!

  28. brokenarrow2222 says:

    best videoes ever

  29. TheJancel23 says:

    1st comment haha nice video

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