Fishing Tips : Using Ivory Soap as Fish Bait

Writen By: September 17th, 2015

Ivory soap can be used as fish bait by boiling it and letting it re-harden so that it doesn’t crumble. Add flavor to Ivory soap for use as fish bait with help from a fishing guide in this free video on fishing for beginners. Expert: Mark Senosk Bio: Mark Senosk is a professionally trained fishing guide, studying under the Hubbards Guide Academy. Filmmaker: David Pakman

Different types of fishing bait include Rapala lures, bullet lures and live bait, such as herring. Find out how to use planer rods to let the bait go down 20 to 30 feet during high-speed trolling with help from a fishing trainer in this free video on types of fishing bait. Expert: Mark The Shark Contact: Bio: Captain Mark The Shark is an expert on charter fishing for any type of fish. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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Question by stump: What are the best bass fishing tips sites?
I want to learn advanced techniques as well as being reminded of basics and need your help because I need to hear from good fisherman. I want to learn tips from established anglers such as Rick Clunn, KVD, Skeet Reece, but also Bill Dance and others like these. There is a television show called The Bass Pros. I want a site similar to that show in relation to the things it teaches, but can be in video or written format. Good sites from other sources are also welcome.

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bassmaster, in-fisherman have TONS of info/articles/video pertaining to bass fishing.

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